MLS Fantasy 2018 - Round 3 Picks

Good morning, happy St. Patrick’s Day, and happy match day to all of the MLS Fantasy managers out there!

We’ve got less than four hours from kickoff at this point, so here’s where we currently stand:

Naturally, there will likely be some changes to this, based on lineups and whatnot – which we’ll be sharing throughout the day. In the meantime, we’ll break down some of the logic behind our picks that we don’t expect to change:

Locked In Picks

David Villa
Josef Martinez
Miguel Almiron
Maxi Moralez
Alexsander Katai

We were big spenders on the attacking end this week, based in part by the strong recommendations made by Kevin in his Parsing The Percentages piece. Alliteration aside, we're expecting both NYC and ATL to bring the ruckus this week on the attacking end, and we've slapped the Captain's armband on David Villa for the second straight round accordingly.

Chicago's Aleksandar Katai rounds out our attack, as the Serbian international has gotten off to a hot start this season. Coming off of a one-goal, four-bonus-point outing, we like his chances during a trip to Minnesota where the Fire will look to regroup after squandering a late 3-2 lead at home last weekend.

Switcheroo Picks

Andre Blake
Auston Trusty
Daniel Salloi
Sean Davis

We're not overly optimistic about Philadelphia's chances at a clean sheet this round, although to be honest I wouldn't be surprised if clean sheets are hard to come by this week. Nevertheless, we're currently positioning ourselves to take full advantage and have both Andre Blake and Auston Trusty auto-switch in if they manage to do so. If they don't, no harm done, as we can make a switch at keeper and Trusty will remain on the bench.

Sean Davis should have a very high bonus floor this week, given that he didn't play midweek. He will likely play further back in the formation if Kaku gets the start here, but with the amount of switching the Red Bulls do throughout the game, I wouldn't put it past him to find himself in a position to generate some attacking returns a few times against RSL.

Daniel Salloi is our riskiest pick, and the one with the most upside here. He played a full 90 minutes against Chicago, but we will be sure to keep an eye on the lineups as they are announced. If he's not included in the XI, we will be swapping him out... perhaps for "Bitcoin" Ben Mines!