MLS Fantasy 2018 - March International Call-Ups

It’s that time of the season again: the March International Call-Ups are upon us! Long-time MLS Fantasy managers are quite familiar with this dance: just a few games in to the season, lineups are shaken up for one or two rounds thanks to the FIFA window.

MLS offers a pretty good summary of the call-ups for each team on their website, which can come in handy for most managers. Unfortunately, this page isn’t very user-friendly as managers have to do a considerable amount of scrolling to consume all of the players that are away.

This is where we come in. We’ve compiled a spreadsheet that allows MLS Fantasy managers to quickly review both the players that are away and when we expect them to return. I’ll be adding a Google Docs link to this piece later this evening, but in the interim, you can find a screenshot of the table after the jump below!

March 2018 International Call Ups