MLS Fantasy 2018 - Round 12 DGW Power Rankings: San Jose & Vancouver

Good afternoon and happy match day, MLS Fantasy managers! We’ve got another unique situation this week as we have two teams playing twice during Round 12. San Jose visits Vancouver on Wednesday night at 10:30pm EST, followed by Saturday fixtures with the Earthquakes headed home to host DC United and the Whitecaps travelling down to the Lone Star State to take on FC Dallas.

Thanks to the flexibility of the MLS Fantasy game in 2018, we don’t have to make ALL of our roster decisions on Wednesday night – just the ones that will involve players from these two teams. Therefore, we’ve put together a quick set of Power Rankings for players from these two teams, taking into account both expected fantasy returns and potential rotation risk.

As always, we advise fantasy managers check the starting lineups when they come out at 9:30pm EST tonight, as it’s possible that one (or both) of these teams rests some regulars midweek to ensure full strength over the weekend.

For our team, depending on Wednesday night lineup announcements, we will likely see anywhere from five to eight total players from these two teams end up on our roster – four of which will be occupying all of our bench slots in switcheroos.

Anyway, we’ve gone on long enough, and it’s time for the good part: Here are our Round 12 DGW Power Rankings!

1. MID: Felipe (VAN) - As a central midfielder with incredible stamina, Felipe is a low rotation risk. He also has a high floor given his bonus point potential. His role for Vancouver offers more attacking potential as well compared to his days in NY. We’ve got him in our Starting XI this round (pending Wednesday night lineups).

2. GK: Alex Tarbell (SJ) - Solid keeper, faces DC at home over the weekend. We’ve got him in our GK bench slot, paired off against Tim Melia from SKC who plays on Sunday. Virtually zero rotation risk.

3a. MID: Magnus Eriksson (SJ) - The most exciting attacking option on either team, in our opinion. Very high upside, even considering he may see limited minutes this week. Still, if he manages to play 120 minutes in Round 12, I very much like his chances at finding the scoresheet.

3b. MID: Danny Hoesen (SJ) - This was a difficult pick. We rate the Dutch national just as high as Eriksson, however with a slightly higher chance at rotation… hence the ‘3b’ tag.

5. FWD: Kei Kamara (VAN) - Bit of a rotation risk here given he’s coming off of injury, but his role in Vancouver isn’t as demanding as some other strikers in the league. We rate him as the top forward option across both teams. Good switcheroo pick.

6. MID: Florian Jungwirth (SJ) - Stinks that he’s been spending so much time at center-back, given that he’s categorized in MLS Fantasy as a midfielder. He will still rack up the defensive bonus points, though, which is why he makes the rankings this round.

7. FWD: Chris Wondolowski (SJ) - Good chance at starting both matches, and we like him to find the scoresheet against DC if he plays. Throw him in to a switcheroo if you rate him over Kamara.

8. DEF: Jose Aja (VAN) - Vancouver’s defense has not looked good this year. Nevertheless, Aja should still be able to pick up some solid bonus points this week, and is pretty much guaranteed a full 180 minutes (unless Vancouver goes full-rotation one of their two matches this week).

9. DEF: Harold Cummings (SJ) - Cummings offers lower defensive bonus potential than Florian Jungwirth, but also less rotation risk than either of the San Jose fullbacks. Decent shot at a clean sheet against DC this weekend, but we're not optimistic.

10. DEF: Nick Lima (SJ) - As we mentioned above, we are not very high on San Jose's defensive prospects this week. Lima will offer higher potential upside than Cummings, but comes with a pretty significant rotation risk.

11. DEF: Kendall Waston (VAN) - High floor option with low rotation risk at CB. However, unlike his counterpart Jose, he is one yellow card away from suspension, which makes him a risky fantasy play. Waston is a switcheroo option off the bench at best.

12. MID: Vako (SJ) - Insane amount of talent, but slumping badly right now. We’d only go with him if we’re looking to hit a home run as a differential and looking at a bench switcheroo.