MLS Fantasy 2018 - Round 12 Picks

Happy Friday to the MLS Fantasy managers out there, and a happy 32nd birthday to me! Round 12 kicked off this past Wednesday, and like many of you we ended up selecting seven players from Vancouver and San Jose this week Therefore, we’ll be going with a slightly abbreviated version of our picks, as we only have eight open slots to choose from coming into this weekend’s matches. Let’s dive in!

Just going to briefly touch on our VAN/SJE picks before discussing the rest of our lineup:

○ We're loving our captain pick of Felipe at the moment. Now we just need to hope he plays at least 60 minutes against Dallas.

Harold Cummings and Jose Aja are pretty big disappointments so far. We had Cummings starting at first, but swapped to Aja at the last minute.

○ We're going to stick with Andrew Tarbell instead of bringing in a Saturday keeper. With 4 points so far and a match against DC coming up, he's got pretty solid odds.

○ Our current setup would have the highest scorer of Cummings, Magnus Eriksson and Kei Kamara swapping in for bye-week defender Roman Torres. However, if both Cummings and either Kamara or Eriksson have strong outings, we'll likely pull out Zusi for another Seattle defender so that we have two automatic switches coming in.

Now on to the rest of the squad:

• Since we've decided to stick with Tarbell, we're pretty much limiting our keeper-roo to Sunday keepers. SKC's Tim Melia is the best option in our opinion, despite being on the road.

Matt Hedges should have a strong bonus output and a decent clean sheet chance against Colorado, while Graham Zusi continues to crush it on both ends of the pitch for SKC. Overall, a tricky weekend to pick defenses. We had also considered Maxime Chanot and Sean Johnson this weekend as well.

David Villa and Carlos Vela are two of the more popular picks this weekend, and we're in agreement with the other managers here. Villa should carve up Colorado, and Vela will have a strong bonus contribution at a minimum this weekend. An in-form Mauro Diaz's prospects are also quite strong this weekend as Vancouver comes in on short rest.

• I know it sounds crazy, but we were actually considering excluding Miguel Almiron this weekend... and I'm still actually considering it, if I'm being honest with you. I could very easily see Tyler Adams sitting on his hip the entire match and locking him down completely. Fortunately for Atlanta, they will also have Ezequiel Barco in their lineup this weekend, which means the New York midfield will need to account for him as well, potentially freeing up Almiron to make some plays. Therefore, for both these reasons and his scorching-hot fantasy form, we're leaving him in there for now.