MLS Fantasy 2018 - Round 31 Power Rankings: NYCFC, Chicago

What’s up MLS Fantasy managers? We’re rapidly approaching the grand finale of the 2018 season, which means we’ve just got a few weeks to make that final push to the top of our mini leagues!

Round 31 of the fantasy season here features a mere two teams on double-duty, as Chicago travels to face NYCFC on Wednesday night at 7pm EST. With the rest of the league playing on Saturday and Sunday this week, our picks for the single-match teams are coming later in the week… but as is tradition, we’ve prepared a set of Double Matchweek Power Rankings to help you put together those fantasy squads for tonight’s matches!

Before we dive in, one final note here: the bench for our squad this round will heavily feature midweek players in switcheroo roles. NYCFC are in pretty poor form at the moment, and Chicago aren’t much better, so we’re going to be more cautious here and hope for some strong production to swap in. With that being said, let’s hop on in!

DGW Power Rankings

1) Bastian Schweinsteiger – MID, CHI - If you’ve followed our past Power Rankings pieces, you know we’re huge fans of midfielders in defensive roles for their strong floor. Bastian Schweinsteiger should rack up the defensive bonus points in both matches this round out of the sweeper position… and being the world-class talent that he is, there’s always a chance for attacking production. Consider giving him the armband this round.

2) Maxi Moralez – MID, NYCFC - Maxi’s form has taken a bit of a dip recently, but don’t let his 2-point outing last round chase you away. The fun-sized phenom is virtually a lock for a full 180 minutes, and we anticipate him producing quite a few bonus points at a minimum, even if he doesn’t manage to find the scoresheet in either match this week.

3) David Villa – FWD, NYCFC - Villa is a bit of a rotation risk for the away leg during the weekend, but you can’t doubt his fantasy production while he’s at home. At the very least, he should be a 9.5m switcheroo play if you are worried that NYCFC’s form continues to dip through the end of the season here.

4) Nemanja Nikolic – FWD, CHI - He’s had a nice little run as of late, scoring a total of four goals in the three matches prior to their trip to New England last weekend (where he blanked out with a 2-spot). Not a bad play against two teams that have struggled to defend in recent weeks.

5) Aleksandar Katai – MID, CHI - The Serbian midfielder has returned to full duty the last two rounds, combining for a total of 170 minutes and two goals – a nice return following a rough 4-week stretch where he barely saw both the pitch and the scorecard. We anticipate at least 150 minutes from him this week, and similar to Nikolic, he should have a few solid opportunities against both NYC and LAFC.

6) Alex Ring – MID, NYCFC - For someone who was a destroyer in the first half of the season, Alex Ring’s fantasy production has fallen off a cliff over the last seven or eight rounds. His defensive bonus contribution has faltered since Dom Torrent has come on board, so we’re not too high on him this week, especially when Basti Schweinsteiger would fulfill the same role in your fantasy lineup.

7) Sean Johnson – GK, NYCFC - Obligatory GK mention this week. While they are certainly capable of doing so, we’re not optimistic about NYC keeping a clean sheet in either match this round. Still, 4 points is better than nothing, especially in a round where we’re not really seeing many clear-cut clean sheet chances across the league.

8) Johan Kappelhof – DEF, CHI - Kappelhof should pick up some bonus points and a contribute full 180 minutes on that back line this week. However, we’re not really anticipating any clean sheets for Chicago this round. Still not a bad switcheroo play, though.