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MLS Fantasy Power Rankings

Friday March 29

MLS Fantasy 2019 - Round 5 Friday Night Power Rankings

What's up MLS Fantasy managers?! Round 5 kicks off in just under an hour with some Friday Night Football! NYCFC is traveling north of the border to visit Toronto in the only matchup of the night, which presents some very intriguing fantasy opportunities.

If you've been following us for a while now, you're well aware of the MLS Fantasy Switcheroo and the advantages that rolling lineups presents. For situations such as this one where you have one or two matches taking place one day before the rest of the league, we highly recommend including adding a couple players from those clubs to your bench. This way, if they have fantastic performances, you are free to throw up to four minimum-priced players who are guaranteed to not play into your starting lineup, thereby maximizing the amount you have to spend on the rest of your squad.

Now that you're ready to implement tonight's strategy, there's only one thing left to do: pick those bench players! We have just the thing to help you make those picks too... here are our Power Rankings for both Toronto FC and NYCFC players who will feature in tonight's match!

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Wednesday October 17

MLS Fantasy 2018 - Round 34 Power Rankings

Hello and happy matchday to all of the MLS Fantasy managers out there! We've got a quick turnaround this week for the last time this season. Round 34 features the final set double matchweek fixtures in the fantasy season, which means we've got our last edition of the Power Rankings for you below!

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Friday October 12

MLS Fantasy 2018 - Round 33 Power Rankings

What’s up MLS Fantasy Managers? Round 33 is here, and we’ve got just four matches on the docket since we are smack dab in the middle of a FIFA international break. Typically reserve our Power Rankings for rounds featuring clubs on double-duty… but with such a small playing field, we felt it was best to break out our infamous Power Rankings tonight! Check ‘em out below after the jump:

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Wednesday September 26

MLS Fantasy 2018 - Round 31 Power Rankings: NYCFC, Chicago

What’s up MLS Fantasy managers? We’re rapidly approaching the grand finale of the 2018 season, which means we’ve just got a few weeks to make that final push to the top of our mini leagues!

Round 31 of the fantasy season here features a mere two teams on double-duty, as Chicago travels to face NYCFC on Wednesday night at 7pm EST. With the rest of the league playing on Saturday and Sunday this week, our picks for the single-match teams are coming later in the week… but as is tradition, we’ve prepared a set of Double Matchweek Power Rankings to help you put together those fantasy squads for tonight’s matches!

Before we dive in, one final note here: the bench for our squad this round will heavily feature midweek players in switcheroo roles. NYCFC are in pretty poor form at the moment, and Chicago aren’t much better, so we’re going to be more cautious here and hope for some strong production to swap in. With that being said, let’s hop on in!

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Wednesday September 12

MLS Fantasy 2018 - Round 29 Power Rankings: DC, Minnesota

What’s up MLS Fantasy managers? With the September international break coming to a close, we’re back to a full slate of lineups here during Round 29! Both DC and Minnesota are on double-duty this week (along with NYCFC on bye), which means that we’ve got another set of Power Rankings in store for you!

As always, be sure to check out the lineups before kickoff tonight. Also, the below rankings take into account the current weather forecast for Hurricane Florence, which has the storm moving further south (which would mean that DC is likely to play this weekend).

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Wednesday September 5

MLS Fantasy 2018 - Round 28 NYCFC Power Rankings

What’s up MLS Fantasy managers?! We’re officially headed down the home stretch here in Round 28 with 80% of the season now behind us. The fantasy soccer gods have rewarded us with a bit of a reprieve as the September FIFA International Break is here, so there will only be seven MLS teams playing this week. As luck would have it, Eastern Conference playoff contenders NYCFC are on double-duty and will play at home twice, which means that we’ve gone ahead and prepared our usual Double Matchweek Power Rankings for you!

As always, be sure to check out lineups on Wednesday night, as those will definitely influence our rankings. (UPDATE: NYCFC is fielding a full-strength lineup, so we’ve slightly tweaked our rankings accordingly, bumping up David Villa) So without further ado, let’s jump in to the picks below!

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Wednesday August 29

MLS Fantasy 2018 - Round 27 DGW Power Rankings

What's up MLS Fantasy managers! We've got another quick turnaround this week with eight teams on double-duty, so as always we've got some Round 27 Power Rankings coming your way!

Couple of things to note before we dive in:

• The New York Red Bulls are playing their fourth match in 12 days, so we're likely to see some rotation. Therefore, the below rankings are contingent upon the starting lineups, which will be announced at 7pm EST

• We've split out the Midfielder section into two categories: Defensive and Attacking. We're big proponents of including at least one defensive midfielder during rounds which have several teams playing twice, as their bonus potential offers a very solid floor at prices that are often quite affordable.

So without further ado, let's jump on in!

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Wednesday August 22

MLS Fantasy 2018 - Round 26 RBNY Power Rankings

Happy Matchday to all the MLS Fantasy managers out there! Starting lineups have been announced for Wednesday night's Hudson River Derby, which means that many of you will be changing your lineups over the next hour before kickoff. Good news is for you is that as huge RBNY fans, we're pretty well-positioned to provide some solid color on which players you should have during a round featuring two rivalry matchups. That being said, let's not waste any more time - here's our New York Red Bulls Round 26 Power Rankings!

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Tuesday August 14

MLS Fantasy 2018 - Round 25 DGW Power Rankings

What's up MLS Fantasy managers?! We've got a very quick turnaround as LA takes on Colorado on a rare Tuesday night match, followed by DC United vs Portland and LAFC vs RSL on Wednesday... which means we've got another edition of our Double Gameweek Power Rankings coming at you for Round 25! With kickoff happening in just a few hours, we'll cut right to the chase - our Power Rankings are below!

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Wednesday July 25

MLS Fantasy 2018 - Round 22 DGW Power Rankings

Good evening MLS Fantasy managers!! We've got nine teams on double-duty for Round 22, which means that we've got some Power Rankings for you!

We're on a bit of a time crunch here, so we're not gonna waste your time - here's where we rank players at each position for this week's matches:

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